Atelier 616 Interiors

Alexa Kazim founded Atelier 616 Interiors, a full-service interior design firm in 2011. Her primary goal is to enhance how people live, work, and feel in their spaces through mindful design. With meticulous attention to detail, Alexa creates timeless design concepts that reflect her clients’ lifestyles, while making their surroundings more beautiful and enjoyable. Her ability to hone in on clients’ desires, whether for a room or for a particular piece, is inimitable. “Atelier,” a word with French origins, denotes an artist’s workshop or a designer’s studio. Alexa loves many things French, and studied the language for 10 years. So, it was almost inevitable that the name of her company features one of her keen interests. One of her greatest joys in life was the birth of her daughter on 06.16. As a toddler, her daughter would compare Alexa, to an elf in a workshop, and she took to calling her office-the “workshop”! After some thought, Alexa decided on a fitting name for her company--Atelier 616 Interiors--a name that reflects her passions exquisitely!

Interior design is an evolving profession with new styles, materials, and technologies pushing the discipline forward. I studied interior design at the Metropolitan Institute of Design. My unique business model emphasizes supporting creative design talent with first-rate customer service, financial savvy, solid organization, and effective people and resource management. I bring all these skills, in addition to my interior design experience, due to my distinctive background. I hold a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University and a Masters Degree in Administration from New York University. Additionally, for 10 years, my work directly focused on strategic planning, project management, and supervision of a staff of more than fifty employees. That expertise comes into play whether I am managing relationships with workrooms to complete custom furnishings or coordinating various trades in completing an institutional renovation. To remain current in an environment of perpetual change, I maintain professional memberships and frequently attend trade conferences and designer show houses. I look forward to working with you on your next design project!

-Alexa Kazim