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Responsive My wife and I purchased a…house in a historic area…We hired Alexa Kazim of Atelier 616 Interiors to design a new kitchen and oversee it's renovation, as well as completely design and oversee the renovation of a half bathroom…after the first meeting with Alexa, we knew we had found the perfect person to work with. Alexa is extremely hardworking and responsive (returning emails promptly, even at off-hours, and planning telephone calls and meetings around our busy schedules), and she is incredibly organized.  In addition, she has a vast knowledge of many aspects of both design and construction.  She is equally comfortable and proficient no matter what aspect of the job she is tackling, whether it be designing an entire kitchen from scratch to suit our lifestyle, choosing fabrics and custom designing furniture to stand up to the abuse of our cats, suggesting an amazing color palette for each area of the house, or even dealing with electrical and plumbing configurations. The end result is a historic house that is elegant and beautiful yet completely comfortable.  It is welcoming to our guests and it fits our lifestyle perfectly.  Everyone that has come to our house has commented on how amazing it looks, and we couldn't be happier. Alexa really created our dream home.

- Brian, August 2015
Hard-Working Alexa is professional, hard-working, efficient, and uber-smart as well as being a lovely person and a complete pleasure to work with. We wanted Alexa to be very hands-on, and she was. She expertly coordinated the various phases of the renovation with the…service providers…Aside from having superb style sense, she is extremely knowledgeable about plumbing, appliances and all things house-related… We are thrilled! We cannot recommend Alexa highly enough. We will definitely work with her again on future projects.

- Ann, July 2015
Talented We were so impressed by Alexa's design talent, her broad knowledge base and attention to detail. I really appreciated her thoughtful solutions throughout the projects. She introduced us to design ideas that we would never have thought of but have greatly enhanced our spaces. She found beautiful items at different price points so we had choices that fit our budget. Alexa has excellent relationships with vendors and trade people often saving us money while still getting high quality results. It was very impressive watching Alexa work with our general contractor. For example, when our contractor said it was not possible…Alexa respectfully but persistently worked with him to find a solution. Within a short time, the contractor was totally engaged in looking for options that would be both beautiful and functional. Alexa really helped build my confidence in making decisions…She also shopped with me which was fun and incredibly helpful. Alexa made the renovation process significantly easier for us by taking time to understand our needs and tastes (even when we were not sure what we wanted), She is highly organized and this makes her not only efficient but also invaluable during a renovation. Alexa did an outstanding job. We highly recommend Alexa.

- Diane, June 2015
Creative My team and I were delighted by the design concepts created by Atelier 616 Interiors, LLC. Alexa is professional, creative, and an exceptional collaborator. She took the time to understand our goals, and helped us make decisions quickly when we were overwhelmed by the design process. Alexa developed multiple designs that were gorgeous, and responsive to our organizational needs. She found budget-friendly products that transformed our pool deck to an airy, serene, and uplifting place to swim. She consistently met and exceeded our tight deadlines. We were struck by how much easier she made the process for us with her excellent eye for color, broad knowledge of materials, and meticulous attention to detail. We were so pleased with her work, that we expanded the project to several other areas. She took them all on with equal enthusiasm and care. Alexa is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her for any residential or commercial project.

- Central Queens Y, May 2015
Amazing I had a great experience with Atelier 616 Interiors. I hired Alexa for a paint consultation and then asked her to take on our foyer, living room, and dining room renovation. She did an amazing job! She got my style right away, and made plans for possible layouts, furnishings, and window treatments. Our friends and family love the spaces as much as we do, and some are even copying her ideas. Alexa was patient with my hectic schedule and made my renovation happen in a quick, gorgeous, and fun way.

- Danielle, December 2014
Sophisticated I engaged Alexa Kazim at Atelier 616 for a paint consultation and I am thrilled with the results. Alexa took great consideration in her color selections - taking space usage, sunlight + window orientation as well as other elements into account. Her eco + pet-friendly recommendations (a must for me) moved me a little out of my comfort zone to incorporate vibrant colors. While the palette suggested was consistent with my vision, it was…more sophisticated than I would have ever been able to come up with on my own. I love it!

- Lee, April 2013
Fun Alexa was such a pleasure to work with. Alexa helped me pick kid-friendly furnishings that made our den casual, but quite elegant. She is extremely knowledgeable about a wide range of products and detail-oriented. She helped me figure out what I was looking for when I wasn't exactly sure. Alexa was conscientious of my budget, fun and smart to work with, and her design ideas are truly beautiful. The den is amazing now and certainly the coziest room in the house. We get tons of compliments!

- Chris, October 2012
Budget Friendly Alexa walked me through everything (the floor plans, design elements, even shopping with me to get a sense of my taste). I was really impressed that Alexa took time to explain basic design concepts and to encourage me to have fun and trust my judgement. She was great at mixing higher and lower priced pieces to fit my budget.

- Ed, October 2011